Innovating CNC in the EtherCAT era

Building a world-class CNC Machine Now Starts with EtherCAT-enabled Controller

EtherCAT is disrupting traditional, proprietary CNC controls because it is driving innovation that offers better openness, performance, inter-connectivity and flexibility.

This website is dedicated to exploring how EtherCAT and other key standards are driving innovations in CNC machine controllers.

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EtherCAT applied to the following standards and products delivers a break-though EtherCAT enabled CNC or E-CAT CNC bundle

“The Home of Industrial Ethercat CNC control systems using a PC.  Connect Ethercat devices such as motors and drives directly to the pc and use any hardware or computer brand.  Our software is customizable to meet the end users process needs and also integrates PLC, Vision, and database utilities for production line integration.   We include a full suite of shape cutting utilities for Laser, Plasma, and Router such as Trace, DXF importing, and Nesting.  Take full control of your CNC system and make it work for you and your customers.”

Adopted Standards like PLCopen, OPC-UA, TSN, EtherCAT Reduces the Total Cost

PLCopen standardized motion control commands and operations that lowers the cost and increases the productivity of motion application developers.

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Mach4 CNC with the EtherCAT plug-in Transforms Product Line

Mach4 Industrial CNC is a PC-based, industrial-strength CNC machine controller.  Mach4 provides the unified computer interface for controlling your machines and automation systems in a single touch screen display.  Use anyone’s hardware and create the best solution.

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KINGSTAR PLC Delivers Automation Platform for Integrating Multiple Controllers

More and more frequently, Mach4 CNC solutions need to be integrated with other controllers such as a Cobot for loading and unloading a machine. The EtherCAT-enabled KINGSTAR PLC is designed specifically for this integration possibility

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