E-CAT CNC: Mach4 CNC software using KingStar’s full software product line including EtherCAT connectivity, plug and play drives, fully customizable HMI, PC-based PLC Software, Vision, and the ability to use nearly any hardware you choose.

Build without limits and connect to anything, whether it is modbus, Serial, EtherCat, etc.

CNC – PLC – Automation – GUI Designer – Soft Motion – EtherCAT

The Total Solution

  • Microsoft Windows PC
  • KingStar’s Software
  • Mach4 CNC
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The perfect solution for CNC Machine Builders, Complex PLC projects, and Connecting all types of hardware to a single computer with a customizable unified interface (HMI).


The load and unload PLC operations of this machine use KingStar’s Soft PLC


The gcode is handled by Artsoft Mach4

Big or Small, Complex or Simple, this is E-CAT CNC

MecanoCNC – High Definition (HD) Plasma

Case Study – Mecano HD Plasma

E-Cat CNC is a standards-based industrial cnc and automation software solution for Industry 4.0.

A truly open machine automation software solution should be able to run on any industrial PC whose hardware is architected for industrial automation, with minimal system management interrupts.

This type of machine automation software can:

  • Handle all the core motion control and determinism that machine automation demands
  • Address the specific integration and communication tasks associated with Industry 4.0
  • Build upon and grow with Microsoft’s features, including simple peripheral connectivity
  • Data tracking, reporting, and actionable response from local or cloud based sources.
  • Scale and support other 3rd party software or devices that other software-based machine control technologies can’t

Industry 4.0 creates New Product Opportunities for machine builder’s

E-CAT CNC is ready for the future – Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 movement is focused on creating smart manufacturing facilities by digitalizing the value chains. This will have a profound and long-term impact on manufacturing businesses worldwide.

Industry 4.0 creates new product opportunities for machine builder companies in multiple ways:

  • Transforming their products into software-as-a-service
  • Offering unprecedented customizability and value for their customers
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Gaining new insights to streamline their business practices & improving overall efficiency.

Alongside cloud computing, smart machine controllers and intelligent edge devices are the cornerstones to building smart factories.

Today, according to Forbes research, while only one third of manufacturers describe the degree of digitalization in their value chain as high, more than 80% expect to have digitized their value chain within five years.

Moreover, between 2017 and 2023, the consulting firm PwC projects that the manufacturing and engineering industries will invest roughly $31 billion per year in Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things technologies (IIoT). Notably, the global IoT/IIoT market is expected to grow from $157B in 2016 to $457B by 2020.

PC Requirements

Kingstar’s RTX64 Runtime runs on any Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) platform that Windows 64-bit supports. However, because all systems are not the same, developers need to evaluate the latencies of any platform that they choose to ensure that the platform can support their real-time or control needs.

Two network interface cards (NICs) are needed. One NIC is used for network/internet and one for machine connectivity. Multi-core processors are highly recommended for the demands of real time ethercat with Mach4 CNC.

See the RTX64 Processor Compatibility document, available at http://www.intervalzero.com/technical-support/guides-and-minitutorials/, for a listing of compatible processors.

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