E-CAT CNC is a standards-based industrial CNC and automation software solution for Industry 4.0. A truly open machine automation software solution should be able to run on any industrial PC whose hardware is architected for industrial automation, with minimal system management interrupts.

E-CAT CNC is a complete bundle of software that includes a real time operating system, full motion control, PLC, and CNC Control.  We have complete solutions for Mill, Lathe, Router, 3D Printer, Plasma, Laser, and combination machines with multiple machine types on the same frame.  Yes, we can build custom machine controls.

Key Features

  • Handle all the core motion control and determinism that machine automation demands
  • Address the specific integration and communication tasks associated with Industry 4.0
  • Build upon and grow with Microsoft’s features, including simple peripheral connectivity
  • Data tracking, reporting, and actionable response from local or cloud-based sources.
  • Scale and support other 3rd party software or devices that other software-based machine control technologies can’t