Order Process

The bill of materials can be complex to assemble, and the E-CAT CNC Sales Team is here to help. There are two approaches to ordering.

Approach #1: Concierge Service

E-CAT Team serves as concierge service to help size and to facilitate the ordering by working with your team to build out the bill of materials and holding meetings with the supply chain to make introductions.

  • Contact our Sales Engineers who will facilitate introductions
  • Consulting services to size the systems are available

Email Engineering Team

Approach #2: Do it yourself

Use the following information to reach a sales contact at the following companies

Sample Items on the Bill of Materials

Converting a Plasma Cutter to Fiber Laser Cutter

The bill of materials.

Key Components to Upgrading Plasma to Fiber Cutter Machine

Key Controller Components

  • Mach4 / Plugin / KINGSTAR
  • Industrial PC – i3 quadcore
  • EtherCAT Modules and Drives
    • Example: 750W LeadShine Servos and Drives
    • e.g. ELP-PE0750LH60F-SS

Key Laser Cutting Components

  • Raycus Laser Power Supply
  • LaserMech Fibermini 4kW Head