LaserCat is a complete bundle of software that includes a real time operating system, full motion control, PLC, and CNC Control.  Everything you need is included to control a machine.  All you need is an Industrial PC and standard Ethercat compliant hardware.  Our system also includes tools to assist company’s  building Plasma Cutters to convert their platform into a Laser Cutting Machine. The price of laser cutting Standards continues to drop such that the Total Cost of Ownership for a high-end plasma cutter is getting replaced by laser cutting machines.

Key Features

Automation Integration

  • Laser Integrated with other CNC machines Feeder / Loader Operation
  • Auto Gas Control
  • Vision (Fiducial Recognition)
  • Consumables Tracking

Shape and Graphics

  • Shape Importing Utility
  • Shape Library
  • Trace Parts (Teach)
  • Part Nesting
  • Serial Number & Font Etching/Engraving

Gcode optimized for laser power & material

  • Convert Plasma gcode to Laser
  • Built in Material Cutting Tables Pierce & Etching Tables
  • Use any CAD/CAM system

HMI / Screen fully Customizable

  • Build screen elements and controls Private labeled, Logo, and Images Customizing on the fly without compiling Operator Panel Builder Utility

Use Different Brand Components

  • Ethercat, Ethernet, Modbus, USB, Serial
  • Add peripherals
  • Custom Hardware

Standard Laser Features

  • Auto Focus Control
  • Capacitance Laser Head Control Edge Detection & Plate Alignment Anti-Dive
  • Tip Touch Safety System
  • Laser Align (Shutter)
  • Dry Run
  • Retract & Restart
  • Cut from Here
  • Full Fixture and Offset control

IOT & Database Integration

  • Remote Communication with Phones & Tablets
  • Database Connectivity
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Read BOM’s and Part Scheduling
  • Part Numbering, Order ID, Batch #, engraving/record keeping and More…..